Introduction of Fayette County



     Fayette County is located in northwest Alabama at the foothills of the Appalachian Mountain Range. The county is primarily made up of three communities that house our six schools. The area is surrounded with rich agricultural low lands and rolling hills, very conducive to farming and other agricultural occupations. Other area employment includes manufacturing, mining, medical, city and county government services, small businesses, and local professionals. The estimated median family income for the county during the years of 2007-2011 was $33,378.00. The per capita personal income for the county is well below the state and national average. Bevill State Community College is located in Fayette and provides easy access for our students to pursue post-secondary educational opportunities. The University of Alabama, University of North Alabama, University of West Alabama, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Shelton State Community College, Samford University, and Birmingham Southern College are all within 2 hours of Fayette and provide additional academic as well as technical programs.

    The city of Fayette is the county seat and has the largest population in the county. Fayette Elementary, Fayette Middle, and Fayette County High School are located within the city limits of Fayette. In the shadows of our historic courthouse, the newly renovated downtown is home to our annual "Tunes on Temple" held each summer. The nearby Fayette Civic Center, which is our former Fayette Grammar School, has been renovated and is used by local groups as an auditorium and conference center. An art gallery has also been established by the Fayette Art Museum Board inside the Civic Center. There is a very strong park and recreation program that provides local youth an early start in sports and is a source of community pride. During the summer of 2013, an aquatic center was added to the Fayette Park. The city also holds an annual arts and crafts event, the Cruise In, and the Frog Level Festival. Fayette was called Frog Level before it was finally established as "Fayette" in 1898.

    The town of Berry is located on the southeastern corner of Fayette County. Berry Elementary and Berry High School are located inside the town limits. The town underwent revitalization during the last two years. Sidewalks, street lamps with banners, and landscaping have dramatically improved the appearance of the downtown area. Heritage Park with a walking trail was also established in 2009. Currently, the community is joining together to open a library in the recently renovated jail.

    Hubbertville School is a K-12 school located in Glen Allen, Alabama. The school is the heartbeat of the community, and most activities are associated with the school in some way. A community park located adjacent to the school is used for sporting events and physical education classes. The park's pavilion provides the setting for school-related activities and other services, such as community-related events.