We use Chromebooks multiple times a week in science, for research, assignments, and coding! 

    Third Grade science has 3 AMSTI kits- Heredity and Diversity, Water and Climate, and Forces and Motion.

    We cover plants and animal life cycles, parts of a plant and seed, along with animal adaptations, consumers, and food chains in the Heredity and Diversity kit. This is why your student will come home talking about his or her crayfish or watching a sunflower seed grow. He or she may even sing the "I've Got Bones" song. It's catchy! 

    We cover the water cycle, Earth's systems, natural disasters, water on surfaces and slopes, temperature, and even learning how to read a Weather App. They learn how to predict the weather based on climate and seasons in a certain location around the world. 

    We cover friction, potential and kinetic energy, magnets, and balanced and unbalanced forces in the Forces and Motion kit.

    Science is a very hands-on learning class. Your student will work in groups and with partners most days to solve problems and create projects.

    You can use Google Classroom and your child's school email address to log in and see what we're up to in class! We use Google Classroom to watch videos, take notes on new information, and take tests and quizzes. 


    Google Classroom


    I will get one Science Journal grade per 6 weeks. I will check for neatness, titles on each entry, and complete entries. 

    I will give Lab Participation grades based on behavior and participation in our science investigations such as dissecting seeds, looking at crayfish or creating a track for our Hot Wheels cars to travel. 

    I also use Plickers as a formative assessment at the end of class some days to gauge student understanding of content we have learned over the course of several days. 

    There are no specific test days or quizzes. I will give a study guide for a test and allow no less than 2 nights to study. The day before a test, we play a review game. This lets me correct any misunderstandings from studying and explain things one last time. The tests will be on Google Classroom or on paper, depending on the test. The test date and study guide date will be on the Homework calendar sent home at the beginning of each week. 

    I very rarely send homework, however, if there is homework for Science class, it is due the next day. 

    Your child may use his or her notes on ALL QUIZZES we take in class, whether on Google Classroom or Plickers.  It is his or her responsibility to use those notes provided to do his or her best on these quizzes.