• We have gained helpful information from the Science of Reading research regarding spelling and spelling tests.  For years, a weekly word list would come home on Monday for students to practice and memorize words.  On Friday, students would take their weekly spelling test.  We have learned the problem with weekly spelling tests are that children memorize words and normally do not retain those words for future spelling purposes in their writing.  

    The Science of Reading research has helped us understand that it is better for students to learn how to spell words related to phonics skills and patterns.  Spelling requires analyzing words, noticing spelling patterns, and understanding how words are constructed from individual sounds. Students are taught phonics rules and then are assessed to see if they understand how to read and spell that phonics pattern.  

    We realize this is a different way of teaching than when most of us went through school.  We want to partner with you to help your child succeed.  If you have any additional questions about spelling and spelling tests, please email help@fayette.k12.al.us