FCHS School Rules

    1. All students should report to the commons immediately after arriving on the school campus. When the bell sounds at 7:40 a.m., students may enter the classroom portion of the building, go to the lockers and to first period classrooms.
    2. When a student arrives on campus, either in a personal vehicle or on a school bus, he/she is not to leave campus for any reason without permission of a school administrator.
    3. No student who rides a school bus to school should go to or be in the student parking lot after arriving on campus for any reason. Failure to abide by this rule shall result in immediate disciplinary action being taken.
    4. tudents who drive to school should park their vehicles and enter the school buildings as soon as possible after parking. Sitting in cars or loitering in the student parking lot talking to other students or for any other reason is not permitted.
    5. No student riding the school bus back from the Career Technical School should go to the student parking lot without permission from the school administration.
    6. Any student arriving on campus late must check in through the office before entering any class. No stu­dent should check in late at the Fayette Area Career Technical School.
    7. Only FCHS students are allowed in the student parking lot. Those who drive to school must have a driver's license, at least liability insurance, and a school parking decal. Traffic laws will be enforced by the School Resource officer and the Fayette Police Dept.
    8. Students who are brought to school by parents or other adults should exit and enter those vehicles in the loop beside the music building and offices. These vehicles should never be in the student parking lot or in the loop where the buses load and unload.
    9. No student who rides to school with a third person i.e. (boyfriend or girlfriend) shall be permitted to sit in a vehicle with that person after arriving on campus. Any student who arrives on the FCHS campus by any means should disembark from the vehicle that brought them immediately.
    10. Students will be allowed to check out of school only if a parent or legal guardian checks them out. Students must leave campus immediately after checking out in the office.
    11. Any student who checks out of school with the intention of checking back in during the day must have approval of the school administrator. The only exceptions will be for medical/dental appointments or an emergency situation.
    12. Fayette schools practice a closed lunch policy. Students in grades 9-11 are not permitted to leave the school campus during lunch. Students may bring a lunch from home or may eat in the school lunchroom. Restaurant fast foocUs not allowed.
    13. All students should report to the commons during lunch and remain there until time to return to class, load the Career Technical School bus, or to move to the next class.
    14. Students should display good manners and respectable behavior while in the lunch serving line and while eating lunch-remain seated, talk quietly, and return all trays, bottles and milk cartons to a waste receptacle.
    15. Radios, l-pods, or cassette players, pagers, beepers, or any other electronic means of communication are not allowed in school or on the school buses. These items will be confiscated by school officials who will not be responsible for the loss or breakage of the items. These items may be carried on school field trips with approval of supervising coach, band or choir director or teacher.
    16. 1 6. No type of clothing shall be worn that is disruptive to the educational process of the school. This includes but is not limited to indecent fitting clothes, those that promote alcohol, drugs and gambling, guns or weapons or violence, cruelty to animals, or those that have lights, bells, and whistles or promote racial divisiveness, etc. The school administration shall be the determining factor on clothing worn by students.
    17. For safety reasons, pencils, hair combs and picks should not be worn in the hair or carried behind ears.
    18. Food/ drink, or chewing gum is not allowed in the classroom portion of the building or in the school gym at any time.
    19. Lockers are provided for student use, but they do remain the property of the school and are subject to search at any time. Do not place stickers or any type of permanent decoration on or in the lockers.
    20. No type hair style or tattoos may be worn that are disruptive to the educational process. This includes hair styles that have been dyed bright colors, spiked styles (such as Mohawks), initials, names or numbers being cut into the hair, hair styles that cover the face or eyes or hair styles that are unsanitary or that have wooden or metal pieces attached that may cause a safety concern to that student or other students who they may come in contact with. Tattoos that promote nudity, sex, drugs, alcohol, gambling, guns, violence, racial divisiveness or cruelty to animals will not be allowed. Ear rings are permitted. Ear rings that are made of materials that cover most of the ear whether it be one or many will not be permitted. No tongue rings, eye or lip piercings will be permitted. No piercings on any other exposed areas other than the ears will be permitted. Tattoos that violate this rule must be covered or removed. Body piercings that violate this rule must be removed. The school administration shall be the determining factor relative to this school rule.
    21. A copy machine is provided in the library for student use. The cost will be set by the librarian.
    22. During recess, students should remain in either the commons or in the grassy area between the commons and the music building. Students are not permitted in the student parking lots during recess.
    23. No student is permitted in the halls during instructional time without a pass from the teacher.
    24. Use sidewalks when going to classes outside the main building, or loading and unloading buses. Do not walk into bus loading area until all buses are stopped.
    25. Student vehicles should not be parked in the teacher parking lot or in the areas reserved for secretaries, lunchroom personnel and maintenance. The student parking lots are provided for student vehicles. Those who violate these parking restrictions will be subject to having driving privileges revoked.

    A complete Student Code of Conduct and Fayette County Board of Education Policies is available online, in the school office, library or at the Board of Education office.