Description of the School

  • Fayette Elementary School (FES) portrays a warm and positive atmosphere that serves 498 students, kindergarten through fourth grade, in northwest Alabama. The racial makeup of students at FES is 69.5% (346) Caucasian, 25.5% (127) African American, 1.8 (9) multi-racial, 2.8% (14) Hispanic, and .4% (2) Asian. Of the 498 students, 57.1% receive free or reduced lunch. The racial makeup of the faculty at FES is 94.6% (35) Caucasian, and 5.4% (2) African American. The population of the city of Fayette is approximately 4,619. The city is 71% urban and 29% rural. The racial makeup of Fayette is 73%Caucasian, 24% African American, 3% Other. The city's poverty rate is 18.3%. The estimated median household income is $24,314. The unemployment rate is 7.6%, which is higher than the state average. Unique features at FES include, but not limited to, K-2 Challenge, intervention teacher, on-site literacy coach, leadership assemblies for the 7 habit leaders, Monthly Happy Hands Art Day, School-wide Brain Breaks, and The FES Fun Factory. The Fun Factory is housed in a separate building and includes a game room, STEM room, art room, and virtual field trip room. One of the major challenges at FES is early checkouts. The school will implement incentives in order to decrease weekly checkouts.

    The purpose of FES is to help our students develop socially, emotionally, and cognitively, which describes the school's motto: "Fayette Elementary School - Where Children Come First." This motto helps promote the theme "Look closely and you will see there is a Leader in Me." The goal at FES is to create leaders of tomorrow. We believe that every child is a leader, and through Stephen Covey's Leader In Me process we help to develop the leadership skills within each child. The faculty and staff at FES work hard to prepare our students for the real world through rigorous, academic content that will assist them in becoming life-long learners, which will, in turn, help them succeed in college or career choices. The success of FES is achieved through the implementation of rigorous curriculum and College and Career Ready standards based instruction. Vertical grade level professional development is implemented and expectations and academic excellence is adhered to. Data analysis is completed with diligence and used to focus on instruction. Instructional minutes are protected at all costs. The belief that student performance increases when it corresponds to the increase in instructional time is carried throughout the building and across all schedules. FES firmly believes in the three R's: I will be "RESPECTFUL," "RESPONSIBLE," and "RESOURCEFUL."