Description of the School

  • Fayette County High School is located in the county seat of Fayette County, Alabama. According to the 2012 census, the current population is 4,550. This is a 7.6% decrease from 2000. As of 2012, the median household income is $26,895.80. This is a $1263.00 drop from the previous year. The estimated per capita income is $15,149.00. This reflects a decrease of $913.00 from the previous year. The city of Fayette has experienced a dramatic drop in industry over the last several years. The main employers include DCH Hospital, Ox Bodies, DalTile, Alabama Power, the Fayette County School System, Bevill State Community College, and several small local businesses. According the US Census, an estimated 40% of people employed work outside of the county. Changes in community demographics have led to several challenges at FCHS. These stem mainly from difficulties related to the unemployment rate of 8.0%. Most of the residents, 83%, have not pursued high school graduation or higher education. The estimated median family income has decreased 61% since 2007. As indicated by this data, local funding, and attitudes about the importance of education in the general public, has steadily decreased. With a dwindling tax base, local funds are not available to supplement state monies for extended technology upgrades and advanced educational pursuits. FCHS educators face difficulties with graduation rates due to both parent and student devaluation of education. In spite of these difficulties, the faculty, staff and administration of FCHS continue to strive for excellence giving personal funds, time, and effort for students to succeed. FCHS is a 9-12 school with a total student population of 409. The racial mix is 74% white, 24% black, .2% Hispanic, and .007% Asian. The school population is 57% male and 43% female. For the 2017-18 school year FCHS has been designated a Title I school based on the 53% free/reduced lunch rate. This is a 4% increase from the previous year. Special services are provided to 28 students. This does not include gifted students as the Fayette County School system does not extend services past grade eight. The FCHS faculty includes two administrators, 32 faculty members, and 10 support personnel. The entire faculty is Highly Qualified. Faculty degree holdings are DO-2, AA - 1, MS - 16, BS - 13, and RN - 2. The staff includes two paraprofessionals and one ACCESS facilitator. In corporation with Bevill State Community College, a professor of English Composition possessing a doctorate degree teaches one course for seniors and one other Bevill State professor teaches a science course for seniors. These courses count as college credits. FCHS students also take career technical courses such as industrial maintenance, career pathways, and welding for college credit.

    The mission of Fayette County High School is to provide a safe, disciplined learning environment that empowers all students to develop their full potential. Fayette County High School's goal is for every student to be a graduate, and for every graduate to be prepared to enter a fouryear college institution or the workforce. FCHS embodies these goals in several ways. The most obvious path to success is through the creation of a positive learning environment. At FCHS this is achieved through incentives for active student/parent/teacher interaction. The creation of a Parent Advisory Panel, along with stakeholder participation by parents has also supported efforts to increase parent involvement. Positive behavior banners have been placed in the hallways and reinforced through a Character Education word of the month postings in the classroom each month.

    The FCHS Student Council is very active in promoting positive activities and student participation such as the Tiger 5K Color Run and 1K Fun Run. Seniors participate in a motivational speaker's bureau to learn pathways to goal setting success and college and career readiness. The FOCUS organization allows students to peer mentor and tutor others. THE Club members act as hostesses for events such as Parent Conference Day, allowing female students to practice community interaction and presentation skills. In an effort to promote continued student learning beyond high school, college information is posted in the hallways, on the school website, and presented through college recruiters. Scholarships are promoted and advertised as well. Teachers promote college alma maters through door and bulletin board displays throughout the year. The school counselor uses the school cast system to relate important information related to individual grade levels. The counselor has also offered students exposure to international related college and career real world expectations through interactive sessions with leaders from companies outside the county, but within range of employment, such as Mercedes. These sessions, along with a College 101 Program, have given the rural students an opportunity to see what is required to work and further post-secondary educational goals. The addition of a Career Coach has also supported this initiative.

    Several programs target first generation college participation for lower income students. These include Upward Bound, Upward Bound Math and Science, FOCUS, and the CAMP program. Bevill State Community College sponsors the TORCH program which is a competition for area students to showcase their talents and be rewarded for educational achievement in the areas of academic, career technical education, and performing arts. Study Island is a computer based learning system that provides advance exposure to technology and provide tiered learning and remediation for all students. For the 2017-18 school year, FCHS has instituted the APlus program. Pre-AP classes are offered to freshmen and sophomores in all the academic areas. AP courses are offered to junior and seniors in all academic areas. These programs, along with special tutoring and field trips open the possibilities for FCHS students. FCHS faculty and staff provide leadership in several important ways. The school nurse has implemented a Rural Health Scholars program where students learn about employment in the health field through literature and on-site interaction with health professional at DCH Hospital. Through FFA, HOSA, and FBLA, and the National Honor Society promote student leadership, competition, and the value of meeting high expectations. The FCHS faculty vision is to prepare students for the challenges of 21st Century educational, work force, and community engagement. The goal is to have all students prepared and for all students to graduate. We believe students should be exposed to advanced technology and experiences that extend beyond the written curriculum. We want students to develop individual interest and determination to better themselves and seek positive personal advancement when they leave Fayette County High School. We value personal commitment, individuality, and determination to succeed. These qualities are necessary for success in the global economy our students will face.