Description of the School

  • Berry High School is located in the southeast corner of Fayette County, Alabama. Berry is a small rural town with a population of 1,130 citizens. Berry High School serves several small communities such as: Bankston, Pea Ridge, and Flatwoods. The biggest employer in Berry is the local school system. The city of Berry is a proud supporter of Berry High School. The city completed a construction project that included the building of sidewalks that connect businesses along the main highway and that connect Berry High School to heart of the city. There have been several projects completed over the past 2 years at Berry High School. An outdoor classroom has been built in the courtyard between the old gym and main building. Berry High School completed a stadium project which added around 300 new aluminum seats.

    Berry High School offers a class called Event Planning. Along with the addition of the Event Planning class, Berry High School added an ACT preparedness class. Berry High School employs 23 staff members. The faculty includes administration, classroom teachers, guidance counselor, media specialist, band director, in school suspension aide, special education teachers, and several para paraprofessionals. Berry High School has a student population of 266 students. The minority population is roughly 10%. Berry High School has no ELL students. Another challenge that Berry High School faces is location. The small communities that surround Berry are 15-25 minutes away from the school. This presents a challenge for parents to attend events that are relevant to Berry High School.

    Berry High School's mission is to provide a positive teaching and learning environment in which all students are provided an opportunity to reach their highest potential. For students to be able to reach their full potential, they must have a safe and secure environment. Berry High School takes the responsibility of providing that environment for students very seriously. The administration, faculty, and staff at Berry High School are committed to protecting the physical and mental well-being of all students and adults who enter the school property. It is extremely important to develop and adhere to specific guidelines that will ensure the safety and welfare of all students, parents, visitors, and personnel present on the school campus.